The wave

If you’re looking for sunshine,

And chill vibes to match

On a beach where they combine

We’ve got just the batch


It’s a luxury knowing

No two are the same

But we know where we’re going

With water in frame!


Summer love is passion

When riding the wave

Always maintaining fashion

Surfing with the brave


You’re invited to come where

Adventure awaits

Everybody will be there

So do not be late!


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beach boy club


Club members’ exclusive, beautifully crafted garments, not merch.

Exclusive Garments

Access exclusive Beach Boy Club branded merchandise to show the world that you’re a part of the Beach Boy Club. Club members can claim their Beach Boy Club beachwear garments right after mint in our token-restricted online store, powered by Shopify.


Community is one of the most important values embedded into the Beach Boy Club. Everything starts and ends with the community.

Beach Boy Club Grants

We support builders and creators. Club members will be able to participate in a royalty system for outstanding creators.

Mobile App

Real-life utility from day one. The Beach Boy Club mobile app will be available for download on reveal and comes with tangible IRL utility.

Airport Lounge Access

Club members access airport lounges worldwide for free with our partner Priority Pass, so that you can travel to the most beautiful beaches in style.

Social Connection

Participate in community-organized beach & pool parties or organize your beach clean-up event using the Beach Boy Club mobile app.

Club House​

Enter the Beach Boy Club House. 10,000 square feet of culture, luxury, and summer vibes. Situated above the waves, ocean front, full-service cook, dedicated concierge.

Club House Party August 2022

Location: Mexico

Date: For club members only

Address: For club members only

Vision & Value

The Beach Boy Club stands for chilled, laid back summer vibes, sunset beach parties and sand between your toes. We embrace the summer and live for a good time, not a long time.


Experiences: Dope Experiences first. Being part of the Beach Boy Club means chill summer nights, pool parties, sunset surfing, and unforgettable experiences, guaranteed.

Sense of Community: Embedded into the Beach Boy Club is the feeling of love, being united and surrounded by a supportive family. Unified in our community, you will experience the best f*cking summer of your life.